About this Site

The New Concept

Starting in April 2014 I am starting another completely crazy photographic endeavor: The Pixel Game.

The Pixel Game is something of a randomized scavenger hunt. Each week, Saturday to Saturday, I will randomize, with the roll of dice, four photo characteristics: style, palette, subject, and theme. One die for each characteristics equals one photo per week to match all four of those characteristics.

The following table illustrates the collection of characteristics:

dice roll style palette subject theme
1 macro black-and-white nature/flora/fauna everyday life
2 wide over-saturated human/people season/weather
3 perspective dark urban/city unusual/mysterious
4 artistic one colour emphasis mech/tech/made emotion
5 snap-shot colourful action/sport/moving taste/smell/sound
6 post-processed standard still-life abstract

So, for example, if I rolled a 5, 4, 6, and 3, I would need to take a photo that was a snapshot, emphasizing a single colour, in still life of something mysterious or unusual.

Each week, before I start, I’ll roll four die and post the theme on an ever-growing list of goals and then eventually post the picture, and write about the experience on this (and probably) other blogs.

Play along, or just follow along. Whatever. It’s going to be interesting.

The Original Premise (Kept for Archive)

Starting on September 1, 2011 I started a completely crazy photographic endeavor and in the form of a photo-a-day crazy project. Yes, a real project. Not an (un)project. Not a whim. Not even a high class whimsy. A real, hands-dirty kinda project.

By the way, THIS SITE is NOT the project. This site is a blog ABOUT the project. All the photos will wind up in one album in my gallery: gallery.8r4d.com

So… what are the rules?

[ 1 ] One photo posted per day. Minimum. Maximum. No more. No less. And said photo must be taken by me and drawn from whatever pool or quantity of photos I’ve happened to take during the course of that day… as in I can take a thousand photos, but I can only post one for the daily photo project.

[ 2 ] Camera, lens, equipment is not defined by anything other than the photo needs to be recognizable as some kind of digital image. It can be taken with an SLR, a point-and-shoot, a cell phone, iPhone, smart phone, web cam, or whatever, so long as it looks like a photo and I pressed the shutter button. (That said, ideally — as this is a learning exercise as much as a random collection of pics — I’m going to try for the best pic I can get with the best equipment at hand.)

[ 3 ] The subject matter and quality is not pre-defined. This is not three hundred and sixty photos of Claire, my feet, the sunset, beautiful scenes or action shots. It might just be as boring as a picture of the book I’m reading, the speedometer in my car, or a bug on the sidewalk — or it might be epic. Epic, I tell you. In October I introduced the idea of week-long themes, but again, those are widely open to interpretation and, well… only a week-long.

[ 4 ] There is a gallery album dedicated to this on my gallery at gallery.8r4d.com, subdivided by album by month.

[ 5 ] My plan is to continue to have this website devoted to the effort. Unlike my official blog where I will occasional drop updates on the project, I am hoping… hoping… only hoping… that this blog becomes something of an update-central for the project. I won’t promise regularity of updates. I won’t promise daily essays. I won’t say check back on a specific day of the week. It will just be what it is. Updates. And occasional project thoughts. Sporadic. Whenever and whatever.

Wish me luck. Play along. Whatever. I’m about to get a little photo crazy.