A Mating Game

...in a blur of macro-fied dragonflies.

They are elusive little buggers, dragonflies.

Fast, skittish, and with a sense of timing to irk the most patient photographer, when I happened to be in the backyard snapping away on another series of much-more-mundane images and a pair of mating anisoptera found fit to jostle their game into the view of my lens, I did the only sensible thing that I could in the moment: I started snapping.

Of course, my shutter and aperture settings were all wrong for fast movement.

And my auto-focus was in that all-too-spastic “servo” mode.

And even mating, they were bustling, buzzing, darting, scooting, and flitting about for that short thirty seconds of opportunity, with a complete disregard for my depth of field and limited camera optics.

But I snapped away anyhow.

The result –and this particular result that I’m submitting for my photo challenge– a smudge of motion and colour may not have been the most crisp of images that I took in those few short moments, but it struck me as reaching into the blur of energy that defined that span of time and capturing something more than a crystal, pixel-perfect snapshot of two carousing insects.


The Pixel Game

Episode 001. A roll of the die and a simple challenge met as follows.

style | post-processed | cropped and colour corrected
primary palette | single colour emphasis | green
subject / theme | nature / flora / fauna | mating dragonflies
bonus for… | non-standard lens | 100mm macro