Black vs. White, Cool

I've always been very interested in black and white photography.

I’ve always been very interested in black and white photography.

A couple years ago, when I was on a steeper bit of that camera-learning-curve and much more into photographic experimentation than I’d be credit to recently, I was tweaking the custom colour settings and I stumbled upon a bit of a signature style. It’s not special by any means, it’s just a mode where desaturation + high contrast rules, and I’ve since made it a quasi-permanent quick-setting on any camera I own.

The inevitable result, coupled with a full manual, slightly over-exposed approach to quirky subjects, is that I not only get the simple “monochrome” images that so many people cherish, I get the true BLACK versus WHITE full-on palette brawl: colour on both ends of the spectral divide, slugging it out for photo supremacy.

I don’t know if “deserves” is the right word, but this photo blog feels like it deserves a couple new categories… and one of those could be, would be, should be, awesomely black and white photography. Or, high contrast black and white photography, as it my chose camera mode.