Sounds Abounding

Chirps. Flutters. Rustles. Caws. Flaps. Splashes. Etc.

How does you photograph a taste? A smell? A sound?

This particular question was a challenge I set inside the randomness of this game I’m playing, and for the second time in four turns I’ve rolled the theme of “taste/smell/sound…”

So, how do you capture that in a photo?

I chose to take the dog for a walk in the park. There is an awesome natural area a few kilometers from our house, an off-leash dog park that is filled with a hundred klicks worth of twisting, winding, criss-crossing trails through scrub forest and wild-grassy knolls.

My thought: something there, hidden in the trees or fluttering down the trails would catch my eye and in that moment I’d know a smell or a taste image when I saw it.

But I didn’t. The berries of last summer were long since picked away by birds. The only thing that implied a smell of any sort had recently emerged from the backside of an animal and didn’t exactly represent the approach I was going for in my photography,


Except… except the dog was smelling things. Everything. And amongst the chill spring air there were noises: Chirps. Flutters. Rustles. Caws. Flaps. Splashes. Etc. And after every few steps she’d stop and perk her ears at the abounding sounds of the park.

And so there it was: a dog, listening for something more interesting than her owner looking for some dried berries to photograph.


The Pixel Game

Week Four. A roll of the die and a simple challenge met as follows.

style | snap-shot | 100mm
palette | standard | Canon 40D
subject | nature/flora/fauna | a dog in nature
theme | taste/smell/sound | listing to the sounds abounding around